Decorate Small Bedrooms in Home Minimalist

To design and decorate a small bedroom using imagination and thus achieve the maximum use of space is required. However, this is no obstacle to a bedroom decor designs or elegant rooms. If you are in the difficult task of decorating a small bedroom, today we offer a few inspirational ideas, photos of how to decorate small bedrooms that we hope will be of assistance in your future interior decorating project. A photo decorating small bedroom where we see how you can take advantage of vertical space, that is, placing high shelves, and as in this case, using the double seat even. For decorating a small bedroom space note that light colors tend to create the illusion of greater amplitude. This bedroom design was chosen to minimize the use of the room only to sleep, nothing more, the original Japanese style bed and a little light for reading in bed is more than enough. A bed, a window with lots of light to enter and furniture to ornaments is perfect for using the bedroom and feel good in it. Decorating a small room where you have chosen blanquería bed and brightly dyed cushions. It is important that the colors are in harmony so there will be a uniform internal aspect. A large bed that occupies the entire space can only be complemented with shelf for all possible reading. White extends the sense of space and so the room will not be overwhelming. In this photo we see bedroom has taken advantage of the openings of the house to put in there bed and will not take any space, a very original way to use a corner and have the rest of the space. Wood always gives a comforting touch to everything, and if what you have is an attic. It will make the space, although small, it very welcoming.

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  1. danke für die bilder und inspirationen!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland