10 False Myths: How to Decorate Living Room Without Errors

How to decorate living room walls ? read How to Decorate Living Room Without Errors. A clear upholstery dirtier? Do dark colors stolen light? There are decorative "rules" set that are not entirely true. In this guide we clear everything.

In decoration, no statements, perhaps because they have been repeated again and again, they have transformed into decorative finish standards. But myths are false, topics that are not true. Discover what they are and why.

  1. Decor anything goes
    False. While it is true that a real home is one that reflects the tastes and passions of the owners, is a good interior which takes advantage of light, architecture and meters. And to create functional spaces must follow certain rules: comfortable circulations (steps of 70 cm at least), harmonious proportions (no sense putting a huge table in a small room, as it will further reduce the space) and ergonomic distances (e.g. the lamp in the dining room should be 50-80 cm from the table to light well). Not everything is.
  2. Hiring a decorator is expensive
    Not always. If you choose a good professional, in addition to saving time, you will avoid headaches because errors and avoid having to deal with operators. An interior designer is concerned with both the decorative and technical part (from the project plan to the project management). Decorating the house is not only beautify, but prepare it to suit the needs of daily life, which implies knowledge of distribution, lighting or air conditioning. The cost is around 15% of the work (if the reform is worth € 6,000, the decorator will cost about 900 €). But the total is paid in installments (12% at baseline, 12% of the bill, 36% and 40% set out in the end, by the direction of the work). The release is staggered.
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  3. Having many cabinets is the key to order
    No, the key is to have them where you need them. More than many cabinets, the ideal is to be in the right place and having an appropriate size to what is retained. Follow these tips. Place them in the right place: the towels in the bathroom and the closet where you assign them the right fund vistas (60 cm for hanging clothes, folded sweaters 35 to 30 cm for books ...). If each object has its place, is at hand and where it is used, you win by itself.
  4. Meters remaining dark colors and light
    It depends on how you use them. An intense color can be applied to a room without reducing or darken the space: the key is to use the window wall. Being backlit, does not detract from the dark color and light to the space, however, when the night atmosphere and ambience. If you paint a dark wall that has no window, decorate it with a mirror to reflect light and act as a window. When the room is large, you can apply the color two facing walls to join and I tucked in. As interior designers say, are not the meter (or light or features) that make all the colors but the atmosphere you want.
  5. Out of color, an environment is monotonous
    False. With a successful mix of styles and textures, one room decorated in a single color can be as interesting and dynamic as the most colorful. Even with only whites can create a sophisticated atmosphere. The key to not look cold and soulless is to combine several targets (from a bone white with gray shades), contrasting it with a large piece dark (a sofa or table, for example) and add some detail (an armchair , a nightstand) in old gold or warm honey colored wood. And so that the environment is not perceived poor, good lighting plan (with three types of lighting: general, environmental and timely).
  6. The more lights, the better light
    Not always. This idea leads to one of the worst mistakes: glare. True, a dimly lit house looks sad, but it sobre iluminada theatrical and can dazzle. Instead of multiplying the points of light, the key is to mix in each space (from the living room to the bathroom) lights coming from different planes.
    The more lights, the better light
    Three types of light
    Good lighting should have three qualities of light: General (with spotlights ceiling or wall), punctual and environmental (with table lamps, floor or suspended). This will give a nice atmosphere and well lit. And you have the right light for each activity: eating, reading and relaxing
  7. Upholstered better thick and dark
    Does not have to. Far from what is believed, the wear resistance of a fabric not bring neither weight nor thickness, but the one with the wires close together and tight. To Upholstered basics is to choose a dense and compact fabric. A greater number of threads per square centimeter, higher strength and have durability. Therefore, there are fine fabrics like chintz, which are great for upholstery. It is so compact, or more than a jacquard or velvet and very wear resistant. To check the resistance of a fabric, do as the decorators: before purchasing a fabric, tensile hard and discard it if the frame is opened or deformed.
  8. The light fabrics are more delicate
    It depends. It is quite true that light colors are always more sensitive than dark. Pure, plain white really is little patient, but colored stone or linen tone can better withstand the friction that intense blue. If you are looking for a tapestry that hides stains and is solid to touch, look more texture than color.

    In a plain cotton, a stain is absorbed immediately, leaving a difficult fence to remove. But in a chenille or velvet of the same shade (to be textured) the same blot is less and can be removed with a brushed-or dissemble. The basic thing is that the fabric has a level of 20,000 Martindale abrasion cycles.
  9. A window with no curtain is decorative
    Not always. The big mistake is to place a curtain obligation. Why cover a window framing a beautiful view? Why cover a window that decorates itself, arched and paneled? It is true that convey elegance and curtains create intimate environments and collected. But there's more to achieve these effects: a fireplace, upholstered soft touch, plush carpets and warm lights.
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  10. Light bulbs is cool and dazzling
    No. Only if too many get misplaced and are equipped with inadequate light bulbs, and the powers are chosen openings or wrong. To illuminate a hall, for example, you can place perimeter lights on the roof, but not to create fences rule dichroic bulbs (which have low power consumption and give a white light and intense, but very concentrated) and opts for linear halogen (or diffusing light bulbs) that distribute light. To gently illuminate a room, choose powers of 50 W but large openings of about 60 degrees.
What false myth just to deny you? Tell us in the comments of this article.

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